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          พนัน เครดิตฟรี

          Casey Patrick / Rave Images Toronto

          Photos by Casey Patrick / Rave Images, Toronto

          Thank you for visiting my website, it’s truly appreciated.

          My name is Mark Ellis and metal detecting is my passion.

          Finding lost jewelry is my specialty, however, I can also locate a hidden/forgotten caché, property markers, oil tanks, industrial food contaminates, or property searches just to see what was left behind by previous generations.

          I am very proud to offer you my service not only through Ellis Metal Detecting, but also as the Toronto member of TheRingFinders.com.

          TheRingFinders is an incredible global directory of metal detecting specialists all over the world with 180 members in 19 countries.

          For Toronto and the GTA…I’ve got you covered, although I’m willing to travel to wherever you need me to be.

          mark-skyshotI have been treasure hunting for half of my life and have found and returned countless pieces of lost, sentimental jewelry to very happy clients over the years.

          I’m confident I can help you as well, whether your jewelry was lost on land or in the water, yesterday or several years ago.

          I personally know what it’s like to lose something of great sentimental value, it’s devastating and no words can describe that feeling of helplessness. I had a ring taken from me many years ago and I would do anything or pay anything just to get it back again. It wasn’t worth all that much, but the sentimental value was immeasurable. It was a gift to me from a loved one that can never be replaced.

          That’s why I’ll do whatever I can to help you out.

          Please keep in mind that if your item of jewelry was lost in a public area such as a beach or park, you must act right away. The sooner you call me, the better the chance we have of a recovery before someone else stumbles across it.

          If your item was lost on private property, there is no need to panic. This is typically an easy recovery.

          In fact, not too long ago, I recovered a beautiful, three carat diamond engagement ring for a lady who had lost her ring eighteen years earlier and the search was successful in just two hours and she was once again wearing her long lost ring.

          I encourage you to read my blog and testimonials of all of the latest recoveries for people just like you.

          All of the stories are unique and some are pretty funny, but they all have one thing in common. These people were all reunited with their jewelry they thought was lost forever.

          I sincerely look forward to meeting you and adding your success story to my blog.

          Please contact me at anytime to discuss your situation or even to just ask for some advice.

          All correspondence is in the strictest confidence.

          While you’re here….check out our story in the Toronto Star.

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